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There is something special about the food and drink, which has been grown, reared, caught, brewed, pickled, baked, smoked or processed in Lancashire.  the rich history of the red rose County from the cotton industry to farming traditions, combined with creative skills has lead to the creation of some unique foods.

The Lancashire flagship foods are;

Lancashire Hotpot

There are many versions of the history of the hotpot but whether it was put in the ovens to cook while the family worked all day in the cotton mills or cooked and wrapped in cloth with potatoe on top to keep the dish warm to be taken down the mines, one thing is certain, it is a delicious and easy meal, served with pickled red cabbage.  Everyone has their own recipe!

Black Pudding

Lancashire is known for its expertise in making Black Pudding so a true cooked breakfast in Lancashire is never complete without it.

Potted Shrimps

Potted Shrimps are made from brown shrimps caught off the Lancashire coast (primarily Morcambe Bay), boiled, pealed and set with mace flavoured butter in small pots, hance the name.  great served warm or cold especially on brown toast or sandwiches.

Lancashire Cheese

Lancashire Cheese is tradionally made with the curds of more than one days cheese making, its is called Creamy when young (4-12weeks) and Tasty when its older than 12 weeks and can be aged upto 24 months.  Crumbly Lancashire was first produced in the 1960's and only uses the curd from one days milking and is very different from the smooth buttery flavour of traditional Lancashire.

Lancashire Hotpot Black Pudding Potted Shrimps Lancashire Cheese

Also famous for...

Lancashire is also famous for its cakes, nothing beats a good 'brew' and a cake and ome favouristes include Chorley Cakes, Eccles Cakes, (old Lancashire) and Lancashire Parkin - distinctively different from its Yorkshire and Cumbrian rivals!

Another old favourite, which is now rarely eaten is Tripe and Onions, although some people say like lambs kidneys and calves liver (both now enjoying revivals as delicacies on many menus) tripe is due for a come back....

A true taste of Lancashire

All Lancashire's flagship foods have a story behind them, a red rose heritage and so we think that even though others may copy the recipe, they still taste best when made in the red rose county of Lancashire.  As the old saying goes, 'the proof if the pudding is in the eating', so why not take the taste test and sample some of Lancashire's finest produce, we know you won't be disappointed!


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